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The Torridon Farm

We caught up with Managing Director and Head Farmer Dan Rose-Bristow to find out more about the Farm and the ethos that leads The Torridon to be a leader in local sourcing and green tourism.

Q. What animals do you farm on the Torridon Resort?

A. The rugged nature of the Resort as well as the Highland climate meant that I had to think carefully about the breeds that we farm. I also wanted to ensure that we could provide world class beef and pork to 1887 Restaurant and Bo & Muc. For those reasons we have a fold of 15-20 Highland cattle and a herd of Tamworth pigs on the Farm. Both breeds are ideally suited to life in Torridon and provide exceptional local produce.

Q. What’s your favourite part of the Farm?

A. I love to see how the guests enjoy seeing the animals. The Farm is an integral part of Torridon life and although our ultimate goal is to provide amazing culinary experiences for our guests, I particularly enjoy knowing that all of our animals are kept to the highest welfare standards, reared free range in the beautiful surrounds of Torridon.

Q. How long has the Farm been part of the Resort?

A. Many of my cattle can be traced back to the original herd introduced by my father-in-law David in 1994. Since then we have carried forward a proud tradition of sourcing as much of our produce as possible as locally as possible. Not only does this ensure that we can control the quality of our ingredients, but it also reduces food miles and increases the overall sustainability of the Resort.

Q. What is your proudest farming achievement?

A. I love to see how our Head Chef Paul uses the produce and reinforces its quality by keeping it simple and letting the flavour and provenance of the food do the talking.­ Our menu changes all the time with the seasons and productivity from the Farm and Kitchen Gardens and nothing makes me prouder than seeing a plate of world class food delivered to our guests, all produced within the Resort.

You can enjoy the Torridon Farm produce in 1887 Restaurant as well as at Bo & Muc – If you’d like to know more about the Farm on your visit to The Torridon just ask one of our friendly team who’ll be happy to tell you more.

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