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Cromarty Brewing Company

With an uncompromising approach to the quality of his beers, it’s easy to see why the relationship between Torridon and Cromarty Brewing co has flourished. With a wide range of beers on offer from easy drinking pale ales, to hop bomb IPAs and to dark coffee infused stouts there’s something for everyone to enjoy at the Resort from the Cromarty Brewing Company.

Since the early days of the relationship when the brewery initially supplied beers for special occasions such as The Torridon Ale festival, Cromarty Brewing Company now sits at the core of our local beer offering and supplies the Hotel’s whisky bar with a range of bottled beers, while the Beinn Bar and Bo & Muc often have favourites like Happy Chappy and Rogue Wave available on tap.

Craig says, “We really enjoy working with The Torridon, it’s great to work with another family business in the Highlands that has such a strong focus on delivering an exceptional experience to its customers. We love to see our beers at the Torridon and being part of their guests' stay at the resort”.

Post by The Torridon