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Celebrations & Events

Cherished memories await

Amidst our enchanting Highland landscapes, we offer a year-round haven for memorable celebrations and gatherings. It’s hard to imagine anywhere more spectacular to enjoy a magical white Christmas or to revel in the beloved traditions of Scotland’s Hogmanay. 

Maybe you're preparing for a dream wedding, longing to exchange vows against a breathtaking backdrop, or organising an exclusive family reunion. Surrounded by nature’s beauty, we curate moments filled with love and joy.


Embrace Christmas magic at The Torridon, where we blend timeless customs with modern sophistication. Enjoy fine dining, relax in a cosy nook, and snuggle up by the fire. Unwrap our festive package and discover the seasonal wonders within.


Welcome the New Year at the Torridon House Party. Our Hogmanay celebration is filled with champagne, fine dining, lively ceilidh dancing, and a dram or two - it's Scottish tradition at its best. Book early for an irresistible start to the year.


Your wedding, as individual as you, finds a perfect home in the heart of the Highlands. Picture a stunning sunrise over Loch Torridon, a piper's melodies, a perfectly planned ceremony, and a sumptuous feast, culminating in the celebration of a lifetime. 

Exclusive Hire & Groups

Gather your people under one roof with exclusive hire of the hotel, including the Stable lodgings. As well as weddings, we host corporate retreats and supercar meets, and promise to deliver on discretion, privacy, and service excellence. Enjoy the pinnacle of Highland luxury.