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Brahan Resort

The mixed arable, forestry, grazing and sporting resort has seven cottages and homes of all sizes available to accommodate groups and families wishing to visit the highlands for fishing, birdwatching, shooting and walking.

Brahan Resort is all about renewable energy. They work closely with the local community, producing spring barley for malting, wheat for distilling and hard and softwood timber sold to craftsmen as well as to the building trade and industry. Their relationship with The Torridon is symbiotic and focused on sustainability: Brahan supplies woodchip for use in The Torridon's biomass boiler, as well as a regular supply of Roe Deer and other game for use in The Torridon kitchens. 

"The start of our woodchip production and drying business coincided with the installation of the biomass boiler at The Torridon," Alex Matheson, the owner of Brahan Resort says. "The supplier relationship has been very beneficial to both our businesses as we strive to become more sustainable."

"Community is particularly important in The Highlands and to be able to do business with our local friends is very special. We know that when one of the Roe Deer from the Resort goes to The Torridon kitchen, every bit of it will be used and The Torridon guests will enjoy the best of our produce in many delicious and innovative ways."

With Brahan Resort being located on the main road to The Torridon, consolidating of deliveries with regular journeys ensures the impact on the environment is minimised - another advantage of local supply.

Post by Angus Rose-Bistrow