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Settle into splendour

As evening descends on your Highland adventure, retire to the space of your choice for a night of deep restful slumber.

Opt for the refined grandeur of the hotel, the classic simplicity of the Stables, or the complete solitude of our luxury Boathouse.

The Hotel

Opulence and serenity

Each of our 18 individually designed bedrooms weave a tale of rich Highland heritage blended beautifully with a classic Victorian finish, and views so magnificent you will cherish them forever.

The Stables

Simplicity and adventures

The former historic stable block features 12 cosy, warm and inviting bedrooms. This space is ideal for couples, families and friends that crave Highland adventures with the effortless comforts of home.

The Boathouse

Secluded waterside retreat

Immerse yourself in nature at the Boathouse, an oasis of peace overlooking the loch, and a wildlife paradise. It's a home away from home, and quite unlike anything else.