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Macbeths Butcher

Macbeth’s has been working with The Torridon for many years, priding themselves on providing consistently flavoursome and succulent beef from cattle that have minimum intervention with the highest of welfare standards.

The shop and farm, which are based in Forres and Dallas respectively, are ideally positioned to capitalise on the high-quality meats produced in the area. The majority of the beef sold comes from Edinvale, where the ethos is to have sustainably produced beef, grown on grass and forage with no concentrate feed. This same ethos is extended to other suppliers, including for lamb and pork.

Macbeth’s has a long history working with The Torridon, with the relationship first starting a long way back with Jock’s father Michael helping to source the initial Highland herd for Rohaise’s parents, David and Geraldine. The Torridon continue to share the same ethos of minimum intervention and highest welfare standards for the resort’s herd of Highland Cattle.

Jock says: “It is a pleasure to work with Dan and Rohaise. They have a great understanding for raising beef and for using the whole animal; from fillet steak to a burger, no matter how humble a cut, the chefs at The Torridon use it all to an exceptional standard.”

Post by The Torridon