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Dolan Fisheries

When Michael Dolan visited for dinner at The Torridon it led to the foundations of a relationship that ensures The Resort benefits from the finest sustainably sourced, local shellfish landed less than 7 miles along the coast from the resort.

Dolan Fisheries is a family run business providing fresh shellfish locally to both the west coast and Inverness area. Their boat, Westro is based in Shieldaig and fishes for langoustine, lobster, and brown crab. Owner and Skipper Michael Dolan knows Dan and Rohaise well having grown up in the local area and is delighted to continue that relationship today.

Sustainability is at the heart of Michael's business as he looks to ensure that the long-term future of the seabed in the local area remains positive. All fishing is carried out by creel only, so no damage is done to the seabed, and bycatch is minimised through this method. Creel fishing also allows for selective catch, so juvenile shellfish can exit the creel and any unwanted catch can be returned live.

Michael says “I love to see my shellfish on the menu at the Torridon, Paul’s cooking perfectly showcases the quality of the ingredients and It’s great that they are often served in a dish that is made up of produce from the Kitchen Garden and other local suppliers meaning that as well as tasting delicious, it’s a truly sustainable plate of food provided by the area’s land and sea”.

Post by The Torridon