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Environmental, social and governance

Journey to sustainable excellence

The Torridon is more than just a resort; we're committed to the environment, society, and responsible governance. Our journey to sustainability is a testament to our reverence for our extraordinary surroundings. From renewable energy to nurturing local ecosystems, we're dedicated to preserving our luxury Highland offering for generations to come.

We're not just environmentally conscious; we're community builders and team supporters. As we venture forward, we invite you to join us on a remarkable journey, discovering better ways to do things, in this one-of-a-kind place.

Inspiring a positive future

Our deep commitment to the environment and sustainability is a gentle journey of harmony in nature. From harnessing biomass energy to gifting guests wildflower seeds to help the bees, we honour our unique surroundings.

The produce grown and reared on our land features in our menus, and our aim is to source all of our produce as locally as possible to maintain this important connection to the land and our local community.

Acknowledged by the Carbon Trust and the Green Tourism Business Scheme, our efforts show we are invested in a responsible future. We proudly support the Wester Ross UNESCO Biosphere, nurturing the delicate balance between humanity and nature. Be part of our heartwarming story of preservation and inspiration.


We are committed to supporting local and national charities, and work in partnership with Room to Reward  to recognise volunteers who give up their time to make a difference to those who need it the most.


  • Biomass energy from local resort woodchip or timber chipped on site
  • Thermostatic controls are installed in all guest rooms
  • Replacement of traditional light bulbs with energy-saving LED bulbs in guest room corridors and several points within the guest rooms
  • Timer set-up for lighting and other electrical systems
  • Much of the corridor lighting is PIR motion sensor controlled
  • Lights in all guest rooms that have no guests to be turned off
  • Hot water in guest rooms processed from heat exchange system of biomass woodchip
  • Extra insulators under building roof to reduce heat loss
  • Energy-saving measures implemented for the back of the house areas
  • Rapid 50kw electric car charger open to all for use free of charge
  • Two overnight Tesla chargers free of charge for residents
  • Local rhododendron wood used for burning on open fires in hotel and Beinn Bar


  • Resort borehole water
  • Flow regulator in guest rooms adjusted to save water
  • Regular review of leak checking procedure
  • Daily record of water consumption (daily controls)
  • Gardens are watered in the mornings and evenings only to prevent unnecessary evaporation at the hottest times of day
  • Water provided for guests in bedrooms and restaurants from borehole reducing plastic and glass recycling
  • We will be donating 50p from the sale of each still or sparkling water at the 1887 and Bo and Muc restaurant. Our water is bottled on site and comes from our bore hole. Just a Drop’s sustainable projects provide support to communities and have reached over 1.7 million people in 32 countries since they began in 1998. Supporting this cause is one of our Sustainable Development Goals

Waste management and recycling

  • A700 Rocket composter to process all food waste and turn into compost for the garden
  • All rubbish properly sorted and separated: refuse, glass, plastics, cardboard, paper, dangerous/poison (detergent, chemicals etc), electrical items, clothing, batteries and light bulbs
  • Kitchen grease and used oil is collected to recycle
  • All paper systematically reused, shredded and recycled
  • Farm manure, coffee granules, biomass ash and shredded paper composted

Environmental quality

  • Suppliers are requested not to leave the engine running while their vehicles are parked to reduce noise and pollution
  • Extensive use of our 2-acre kitchen garden with vegetables herbs and fruit provided for the restaurant
  • Torridon farm provides beef and pork for the restaurants

Chemical products

  • Control system for chemical use
  • Use of Enjo, a chemical-free cleaning system to reduce the number of chemical products used around the resort.
  • Use of fresh fruit, vegetables and flowers with no chemical substances straight from the kitchen garden
  • Limited chemical substances used for cultivation of trees and flowers on the property


  • Buying and providing products and services, which have a minimal impact on environment – purchasing local and seasonal products to reduce transportation requirements and its impact on the environment


  • Woodchip used to fire boiler
  • At all times Maintenance Department saves costs and energy in all activities performed

Environmental activities

  • We support the Wester Ross UNESCO Biosphere, an organisation that promotes and celebrates how people and nature connect to inspire a positive future.
  • Creating activities and encouraging the community, guests and staff to help preserve and protect the environment; litter picking, energy control
  • Cleaning of beaches or roads in front of the propertyOffices
  • The Team use recycled paper and envelopes
  • The Team use Compact Fluorescent Lamps
  • The Team share computers rather than use individual ones – hot desk
  • The Team to optimise the use of computers and emails to reduce paper use
  • The Team avoid printing and copying
  • The Team encouraged to walk instead of using lifts
  • The Team encouraged to keep all windows and doors closed when heating is operating
  • The Team to turn off lights and equipment, when they are not in the office
  • Computer screens turned off after work
  • Paperless administration where possible
  • iPad check in procedure