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De Burgh Wine Merchants

De Burgh Wine Merchants prides themselves on delivering wine in a personal and reliable fashion, sourcing a unique array of wines from around the world that represent the best quality and value. 

Tarquin De Burgh has a long standing relationship with Rohaise and Dan, dating back many years from a tour Tarquin undertook across Scotland’s West Coast meeting hoteliers and restauranteurs, helping them to develop and match wines to various menus. Tarquin recalls his first meeting with the couple when they had just taken over the reins at The Torridon. Rohaise and Dan were keen to revamp their food and wine offering with a focus and drive to be the best in the region, combined with a passion to make guests at The Torridon feel special. These views were shared by Tarquin and fast forward to today, De Burgh Wine Merchants and The Torridon have developed a deeply rooted relationship between the two locally owned businesses. They share a strong desire and care over each step of their production process and a drive to be different whilst maintaining an authentic and personal way of work.

Attention to detail is at the core of De Burgh’s wine selection process. Tarquin highlights that when selecting the wines, “provenance is key! We like working with the smaller producers, as they leave no stone unturned and as a result, they tend to make something pretty delicious.”

Once the wines are selected by De Burgh Wine Merchants, Tarquin will provide a tasting session to the Torridon team. From these tasting sessions, a handful of standout wines will be selected to be included in their wine list. Stunning wines including the Lugana Il Gruccione 2014, an Italian wine produced near Lake Garda, made using the grape Trebbiano di Lugana, and the Chateau La Fleur Cravignac, St Emilion 2010 which is full of those classic rich Bordeaux flavours, are popular on the wine list.

Having both The Torridon and De Burgh Wine Merchants take time and care of these tasting experiences all greatly contribute to creating a wine experience like no other.

Post by The Torridon