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A truly is a wonderful time to visit the Highlands


For a stylish summer send-off

Despite nearing the end of summer, September in the Highlands still brings long, light-filled afternoons with dramatic moods and changing shades – it truly is a wonderful time to visit the Highlands.

Those who are tempted to visit will be rewarded by exquisite nature scenes and tastes of the changing seasons, with the earthy smell of the woodlands filling the air.

The call of the wild

This month you’re likely to spot some of our resident wildlife as they prepare for the cold stretch ahead.

Travel to a nature reserve with jaw-dropping viewpoints, spot a striking red deer on its search for a mate or a red squirrel as they find nuts to hide before the frosts begin.

Kayak through Loch Torridon and point out a playful otter or eagle circling overhead. Every glorious creature has their part to play in the lead up to autumn.

What's growing?

The last of the summer sun tells us that our apples are ready to be picked.

Crisp, sweet, or tantalisingly tart, there are more than 40 varieties of Scottish apple and we have chosen the most delicious selection to grow in our orchard. Our team take time to pick the best throughout the month.

Another cherished find from the orchard, our quinces are now golden enough for harvest. They may seem hard and tough-skinned, but when cooked down, their flesh becomes tender and aromatic.

Flavour of the month

A move into the cooler months marks a move into grouse season. This striking bird breeds in the highest Munros of Scotland, grazing on only the finest heather and making exquisite circles in the open sky.

With an intense gamey taste, there’s a reason why the grouse is favoured by chefs around the world. Y ou’ll find it on our 1887 menu, paired with salt baked celeriac and beetroot.