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For blooms and exploration

July is the warmest time of year to visit The Torridon. Blossoming gardens, exhilarating activities, and menus rich in the flavours of the sea are top of the agenda this month.

The coast and waters that surrounds The Torridon glint in the sunshine, and the seafood is exceptional at this time of year. 

The school holidays have also started, and there are plenty of activities available for young explorers, kayaking to archery. The family friendly rooms at The Stables are an ideal base.

July is a busy month, so we’d recommend booking in advance to get the rooms and dates you’d like – we wouldn’t want you to miss out on summering in the Highlands, as it is a truly uplifting experience.

Dip into Loch Torridon

Although we may not reach the soaring temperatures of the Mediterranean, the cooling waters of Loch Torridon offer a refreshing respite from the summer heat.

Our range of water-based activities include gorge scrambling, snorkelling and wild swimming.

Explore sea caves and scramble along the rugged coastline before diving into Loch Torridon, freeing your mind in the crystal-clear tidal waves.

Navigate through the Beinn Damh gorge before ascending the enchanting waterfalls and streams that flow down from the Munros.

Kayak through Loch Torridon and Loch Shieldaig and search out playful seals, or spot sea eagles soaring overhead at Shieldaig Island.

What's growing?

Our gin garden will now have started blooming elegant lilies.

In the kitchen garden, a diverse range of seasonal ingredients are in abundance.

Courgettes, including their edible flowers, can be found in the sunnier spots of the garden, and will be growing from now until the autumn.

Fennel pollen is found in our wild fennel flowers, which can also be preserved for winter, and blackcurrants grown in bunches on bushes are picked individually, as each berry matures at its own pace.

Flavour of the month

We have some of the best shellfish in the world on the west coast of Scotland, and lobster and crab are best served straight from the salty waters.

Our supplier is Murdo Macrae, an independent fish deli in Kyle of Lochalsh 40 miles south of the hotel, who is also a volunteer with the local RNLI.

Unique 1887 twists on indulgent shellfish include crab vol-au-vents with asparagus, Scrabster turbot, fennel and crab sauce, or lemon sole, peas, leeks and crab.