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Stargazing Experience

The wilderness surrounding The Torridon is classified as a ‘Bortle 1 or 2 location’.

This means that The Torridon is amongst the darkest locations on earth making rich views of the Milky Way and thousands of stars possible.

The stargazing experience starts at £600 for two people and includes:

  • Three course seasonal menu for two with astronomer Stephen Mackintosh
    Stargazing presentation where you will learn about the stars, skies and what to expect on the excursion
  • Excursion to put theory into practice
  • All equipment provided
  • Available between November – March. Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings only.

To book your bespoke tour, please call 01445 791242

Please note: The Milky Way is best seen during new Moon or when it’s a thin crescent. Close to full Moon the bright light can wash out the Milky Way and fainter stars. During these times Stephen will host an evening concentrating on bright constellations and Moon observing with telescope and binoculars. Please refer to the following Moon Calendar to check Moon phases during the month of your visit.