Torridon Farm

You’ll feel close to the land and in tune with the seasons when you stay at The Torridon.

We’ve always raised animals on the Torridon resort; these days we rear Highland cattle, chickens and Tamworth pigs. The cattle and pigs are reared for their meat, which we serve in 1887 and Bo and Muc.

When you tuck into our delicious Highland beef burgers, steak and ale pie, sirloin of beef or a mixed plate of Tamworth pork, you can be sure of its provenance, and that the produce couldn’t be more local.

Highland Cattle

The Torridon fold runs to 15-20 head of Highland cattle. Many can be traced to the original animals introduced by David Gregory in 1994.

Highland cattle are suited to this type of ground and the local conditions lend themselves to the rearing of such a hardy breed.

They are an integral part of our daily lives. Guests love to see them in their natural habitat, and particularly enjoy seeing them fed their treat of leftover vegetable peelings from the kitchen.

Like all farms, our ultimate goal is to provide a product for consumption. We’re pleased to be able to offer you some of the finest beef in the land.

Tamworth Pigs

Like many ancient livestock breeds, the Tamworth is ill-suited to modern production methods and has been listed as vulnerable in the UK, with fewer than 300 breeding females.

Tamworths are ginger-to-red in colour and considered to be descended from wild boars. They’re certainly hardy and the breed does well in northerly settings such as Torridon.

Our pigs are sourced locally, bred in Wester Ross. We rear them for around 5-6 months before sending them off for slaughter.

The entire animal, from trotter to snout, is put to good use by Chef Alex Henderson and his kitchen team in the award-winning Torridon restaurant.

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