Torridon Core Values and Behaviours

Daniel and Rohaise are a passionate, inspiring and energetic couple that have developed a hospitality company that is now one of the best in the country. 

They want a team to work alongside them who are also passionate about their job and want to create a fun environment to work in whilst delivering an amazing guest experience.

In order to do this they have created three core values; Ownership, Quality and Team that are embedded into the Torridon culture.  To support these core values there are expected behaviours that all the team including Rohaise and Daniel follow daily from the moment they step across the door.  We call it “Don’t Want To See” and “Torridon Best!”.  It is obvious stuff but it helps to write it down and remember it!


Energy, pride, passion, enthusiasm, high standards

Torridon Best

  • Role model for the team
  • Never gives up
  • Always does their best
  • Loves hospitality
  • Goes the extra mile for customer and colleague

Want to see

  • Is enthusiastic
  • Has initiative,  does not wait to be told
  • Wants Torridon to be the best.
  • Cares about standards
  • Works at a fast pace
  • Copes well with pressure

Don’t want to see

  • Needs close management
  • Becomes flustered when the heat is on
  • Is complacent about the business
  • Does things only for show
  • Is here just for the money


For the hotel to be the best it can be, you need to be the best you can be and accountable for how you and the hotel operates  on a daily basis. 

Honest, clear, thoughtful, caring, responsible, innovative

Torridon Best

  • Communicates confidently
  • Paints a clear picture
  • Constructively disagrees
  • Communicates upwards honestly
  • Knows their guests
  • Generates ideas
  • Consistent

Want to see

  • Communicates sensitively
  • Happy ?
  • Takes ownership for their work
  • Listens
  • Is sincere and genuine
  • Admits when they don’t understand and makes mistakes
  • Smart
    Knows their audience
  • Uses a relaxed and comfortable style

Don’t want to see

  • Moaning
  • Confuses people
  • Dishonesty
  • Blames others
  • Too serious
  • Doesn’t care
  • Scruffy
  • Miserable

Team Working

We work together as a team endorsing positive team environment.

Courtesy, respect, spirit, support, honesty, unity, fun, caring

Torridon Best

  • Anticipates others needs
  • Goes out of their way to be helpful
  • Is charming to people
  • Sets the tone for the group
  • Cares about other peoples happiness
  • Has presence

Want to see

  • Creates a sense of fun
  • Is genuinely friendly
  • Is happy to be themselves
  • Helps others
  • Respects others

Don’t want to see

  • Moody or bad tempered
  • Doesn’t interact with others
  • Thinks only about their own needs
  • Annoys people
  • Is intolerant of others

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