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Our Values

we make people feel special

Daniel and Rohaise are a passionate, inspiring and energetic couple that have developed a hospitality company that is now one of the best in the country.

They want a team to work alongside them who are also passionate about their job and want to create a fun environment to work in whilst delivering an amazing guest experience.

Our core values

Dare to be different – We challenge how we work, and if we have a better idea, we are willing to change. Our flexibility allows us to adapt quickly and personalise what we do.

Driven to be the best – Through our entrepreneurial spirit, we always believe we are capable of anything and enjoy getting better at what we do. We nurture our people to be the best, through sharing knowledge and experiences, coaching, development and learning.

Passion to make people feel special – We aspire to make everyone feel special from team members, suppliers to our guests. Going the extra mile is at our core and what sets us apart, focusing on the detail and individual needs.

Authentic in the way we live and work – We value diversity in people and ideas, as much as in personality. We carry ourselves with quiet confidence and treat others the way they want to be treated. We are always looking to do the right thing, for the good of our people, guests, the environment, and company.

Our values and behaviours are important to us and we have a range of opportunities available including apprenticeships that can really kick-start your career. Our on-site training manager is dedicated to rewarding your passion with quality opportunities to develop as you want.

The Torridon is proud to support the Hoteliers charter. For more information please visit their website.


You can trust me to be consistently good in my performance and quality of work.


 I am pleasant, kind and easy to talk to.


I have hopes and desires to achieve my goals.


I have integrity so you can trust me as I am always straightforward and truthful.


I use my intelligence to adapt quickly and be creative and resourceful when I need to.


I am interested in testing my ability, skills, and the way I think.