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Children can be the fiercest of critics. That is why we were thrilled when young visitors stayed in The Boathouse recently and declared it their “best holiday ever”. The family from the Netherlands left a TripAdvisor review of The Torridon… Continue Reading Best Holiday Ever at The Boathouse: Kids Say the Nicest Things!

There was a fine round up of the best Scottish boathouses offering self catering accommodation in The Independent this weekend. The writer, Katherine Burch, kicked off with our own Boathouse saying: This cottage-style boathouse is surrounded by parkland in the… Continue Reading The Independent: Everyone Loves The Torridon Boathouse

In her round-up of favourite hotels of the Noughties (2000 to 2009), Guardian travel writer Sally Shalam heaps praise on The Torridon and specifically the Boathouse, our self-catering cottage on the banks of the loch, which she describes as one… Continue Reading From the Guardian: The Torridon, One of the Hotels of the Decade

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