2012 begins at Torridon

Archery at The Torridon

Today we have opened for 2012 and for Rohaise and I, it seems like only yesterday that we closed. The past 5 weeks has been extremey busy despite there being no guests or staff to speak of. There has been a small army of builders and tradesmen onsite to work on our new 1887 suite. Plumbers, joiners, carpet fitters, decoators, electiricans you name it we have seen it. Added to this ambitious task we have also refurbished the toilets at the pub and all the bathrooms in the Inn. Stuart our maintenace man has had his work cut out and has worked tirelessly to try and get things done.

All I can say is that we are lucky not opening to a full house as we did last year as things as always have conspired against us to delay the projects. It has not helped that there have been a few Rohaisisms along the way; a wall for the bedhead that was not on the drawing, tiles laid that were for another project and a sofa so enormous that it would not fit in the front door let alone up the tight staircase to the new suite. Today we rectified the sofa and managed to take out a window, use a JCB, 10 strong men and get it into the suite. On the basis that things happen in threes we are hoping that there will be no more headaches. We have both learnt front his ambitious project but are convinced that the end result will be superb.

We welcomed many of the staff back yesterday and they have been recounting tales of travel to New Zealand, France, Las Vegas and Canary Islands. Many of the stories recount the great effort that people went to in delivering great service. It reminded me of what is important at Torridon and why we try so hard to get the service right. We encourage the team to always go that extra mile for guests, as this will always be remembered above all else.

Tomorrow guests arrive and 2012 starts in earnest. It is the 20th year that Torridon has been in our family and we plan a number of celebrations, offers and events throughout the year. Keep up to date by following this blog and subscribe to our enews.

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