Meet the Torridon Team – Shane, Food and Beverage

Shane - Food and Beverage

What is your job role?

I am a trainee supervisor at the 1887 restaurant. I also work in food and beverage, mostly the whisky bar. Afternoon teas, before and after dinner service.

What brought you to The Torridon?

I was looking for a job out of boredom after 8 years of “daily routine” for the same companies in food and beverage. I fell in love with Scotland 10 years ago and I wanted to come back and discover a new environment/team. I also wanted to improve my whisky knowledge and discover fine dining.

Tell us your favourite thing about your job?

The contact with guests that cuts you from the routine of your shift. Giving the best for every guest in a short time period to make their stay unique, sincere and memorable.

How have you found relocating to Torridon?

Being away from friends and family for a long period can arm the mood from time to time but the atmosphere and the surroundings at The Torridon are more helpful to enjoy all that can be given.

What do you do on your days off?

Reading, drawing and writing when the weather is ‘too Scottish’, mountain biking if the energy is there, driving in the area when I want to be on my own. I also help the staff going into town too as not everyone has cars, so I help take them shopping, etc.

Is there any advice you would give to someone thinking about joining the Torridon team?

Communication, support and happiness are all the keys to success at Torridon if you need it. As we are all living and working together we need to behave as family.

Don’t be afraid to ask, and open your eyes to the surroundings and be curious. This will lift you up if your will is to do so.

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