Robert’s Wine Challenge: Something to Tell Their Grape Grandchildren

three wines

Robert Ince, our hotel manager, has been responsible for putting together the Torridon’s wine list for the last eight years.

A short while ago, Daniel and Rohaise set me a challenge to find a wine for each of their three children. No, not for them to drink, but a wine with a similar or, ideally, identical name.

So, armed with Angus, Finlay and Amelia, I went off to research and, of course, taste suitable wines. Feeling very proud of myself, my first name was crossed off the list very quickly. A search on the internet led me to a wine called Angus the Bull, a cabernet sauvignon from Australia.

It is made in South Australia with grapes sourced from Victoria and South Australia and blended to create a wine which combines the best of southern Australia. The idea was to create a wine which was a perfect accompaniment to beef. I reckon they achieved that – it is absolutely delicious!

Unsurprisingly, my search got harder after this. I searched, researched, consulted and struggled to come up with anything suitable for Finlay. I turned up a US wine merchant called Findlay and a winery in a place called Findlay in Illinois but there didn’t seem to be any wine related to the name itself.

Exasperated, I was about to give up when a final internet search yielded a result. I came across a small winery in California called Christopher’s Creek. And they produce a Cabernet Sauvignon made in, wait for it, Finlay’s vineyard. Eureka! Absolutely delighted I set about trying to source the wine in the UK. I haven’t managed yet but watch this space.

With two down and one more to go, I returned to the search. Along the way I came upon a lady called Amelia Wines from the 1901 census. However not to be distracted with such trivialities I pressed on.

Eventually my search led me to South America and in particular, to Chile. A well-known and respected wine maker, Conch y Toro produce a fine Chardonnay called – Amelia. Apparently due to its almost coastal location with damp morning mists, the wine preserves a great acidity but also fine concentrated flavours and fruit qualities. I have managed to find one supplier within the UK and hope to purchase the wine soon for our list.

So – the final result: Rose-Bristow kids 0, Robert 3. Not bad work I reckon. Now I’m heading off for a glass of Angus the Bull. Well deserved I think.

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Dan & Rohaise are proud owners of The Torridon a family run and independent Hotel and resort. Passionate about food, service, provenance and promoting hospitality as an Industry of choice, especially for young people.

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