Quiet Please…

Our parents and grandparents if they went on holiday, would take their time to travel, enjoy a full break of maybe up to a week, returning relaxed and rested, the only person they maybe took with them, was the family pet dog.

Now if you go on holiday you are more likely to take 1000 followers with you, that require an update every 30 minutes on where you are sleeping, what you are eating and drinking and where you are going next – all in all a stressful ‘update’ experience. At The Torridon we encourage mind less full experience, now a trendy word and it is a booming business that appears to be very complicated, in fact it is really quite simple. For me it is not about crunching on a bowl of kale whilst mediating in a strange yoga position, mindfulness is what ever YOU need to do to ensure your mind is quiet of ‘noise’. There is no one size fits all approach, once person’s ‘Om Shanti’ is another persons, Full afternoon Tea by a roaring fire or a five minute walk outside. The main thing is to put the oxygen mask on yourself first before helping others.

What can you do today to calm the ‘noise’ down. Maybe take up the old habits of going on holiday, travelling with only your partner and pet pooch, leave the followers switched off.

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Dan & Rohaise are proud owners of The Torridon a family run and independent Hotel and resort. Passionate about food, service, provenance and promoting hospitality as an Industry of choice, especially for young people.

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