Starry-Eyed at The Torridon

It is not often that the stars align and that special someone comes into view.

Deep in the Highlands, the unrivalled wilderness surrounding The Torridon is a ‘Bortle 1 or 2 Location’, meaning that some of the darkest skies on Earth make the richest views for cosmic lovers.

Whether the unspoilt starscape of Wester Ross is your idea of a surprise getaway or the makings of the perfect minimoon, celebrate a celestial romance with a stay at The Torridon and witness passionate constellations throughout the year.

Cygnus in the summer

High in the Scottish summer sky, Cygnus the Swan looks exactly as the name suggests. The long neck of the swan follows the line of the Milky Way, making it a great way to find that often elusive band of light.

Legend has it that Cygnus was most likely Zeus in disguise. In an attempt to attract the irresistible beauty of Leda, Mother of Gemini, he transformed into an elegant swan to win her affection.

After a day snorkelling on the tranquil Loch Torridon, return to the calm shores in the evening. Find a place to sit neat the water, share a Champagne Moments hamper and point up to the sky to trace the graceful shape of Cygnus together.

Pegasus and Andromeda in the autumn

Moving into a crisp Autumn night, starwatchers will be able to pick out the corners of the winged Pegasus. Connecting to this is the constellation of Andromeda, home to the most distant object visible to the naked eye, the Andromeda galaxy.

According to mythology, Queen Cassiopeia bragged about the beautiful appearance of her  daughter Andromeda so much that in revenge, Poseidon sent a sea monster to devastate her kingdom and take Andromeda as a sacrifice. She was only freed when Perseus flew by on the winged horse of Pegasus, fell in love with the woman at first sight, and killed the monster immediately.

During an early evening at The Beinn Bar sampling The Torridon’s own Arcturus Gin, slip into something warm, and venture outside hand-in-hand to see if you can spot just where in the sky the two soulmates met.

Venus in Winter

Visible to the naked eye even before the sun sets on a winter afternoon, Venus is the brightest object couples can see after the sun and the moon.

Named after the goddess of taste, pleasure and fertility, the planet stays glinting until just before midnight. Spend the day lounging in a luxurious deluxe room, slowly watching the night sky come alive over the mountains, then get ready for the ultimate stargazing experience.

Enjoy a three-course dinner with dedicated astronomer Stephen Mackintosh, before he guides you across the Highlands, sharing his wealth of knowledge about the night sky, and revealing the best view of the outstanding Arcturus constellation. Head back to the hotel for a post-excursion Q&A, and a complimentary selection of photographs from your evening.

The Torridon is the ideal place for starry eyed couples. Check out the new minimoon packages filled with ideas for newlyweds looking for a highland getaway.

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