Spring update from head chef Ross Stovold

Spring update from head chef Ross Stovold

For many chefs and kitchens, spring is the most anticipated time of the year, the change of the weather and season brings a bounty of new ingredients to inspire.

It means even more to us here at The Torridon, our very own kitchen garden is key to how we create new dishes, and our gardener Tom works incredibly hard to tend to the plots through the winter, feeding them with compost and turning them over to make sure they will be healthy for the following year. That’s no mean feat in a 2 acre garden and 1 pair of hands whilst fighting the Scottish winter.The build up to April is tangible, waiting to see what shoots and grows first, but also In the back of my mind I’m thinking how close we are to summer when the strawberries and raspberries start to grow. Crazy I know, but when we have this amazing garden we are really spoiled.

We come up with new ideas in a different way to many kitchens, the ideas start in the garden with what were surrounded by and we then work back to the kitchen, the garden is a huge source of inspiration to us and it is amazing to see it coming back to life and providing us with a new lease of ideas. Every morning we have a walk around the garden to see how the produce is developing, and we then collect the vegetables, herbs or fruit later on that day so they’re outside for as long as possible before we use them. There is very little point collecting them and then storing them in the fridge all day, we want to showcase the ingredients in a way very few kitchens can.

As great as this time of year is now I start to plan for the winter when the garden is less bountiful. We preserve as much as possible so that we can still represent where we are in the world through our home grown ingredients, but in a unique way to The Torridon.

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