Gardening Top Tips from Tom

Over the next few weeks or months, we will find ourselves scrambling for things to do to keep us busy! Have you always wanted to make your garden presentable but never had the time? Well, nows your chance! Our Head Gardener, Tom, has supplied 5 Top Tips to get your garden back on track this spring!


1. Sow Seeds

Start sowing your seeds now. The days are getting warmer and the sun is here for longer, there is not a better time! Make sure to plan a succession of seed growing event to months to get the most produce!


If you are sowing your seeds indoors make sure you are growing them in a warm and humid environment, with plentiful amounts of sunlight. Fill your seedlings trays with soil and make 1.5cm deep depressions into each cell, followed by your seedlings. Place another layer of soil over the tray

Gently water your seeds. I use a water bottle with small holes punched in the cap to act as a gentle sprinkler. You must take care when watering as a lot of damage can be done with too much water during the initial period of growth! Ensure the soil is moist but not soaking to enable germination. Don’t forget we have no roots yet to soak up water so the seed can rot in the compost if left too wet.

(TOP TIP: To make sowing small seeds easier, fold a piece of paper to create a tight gutter which makes the seeds line up in a nice neat row. Use a pencil to push each one over the edge as you move along the row.)


When sowing outdoors you need to ensure the soil is well raked and crumbly with few stones and no large clumps, this allows for the seeds to easily germinate and establish roots.

We also need to make sure the soil temperature is warm enough to allow for germination, so make sure it is around 10 Degrees.

(TOP TIP – If weeds have started to grow again – it is warm enough to grow)


2. Cut back Perennials

A perennial plant is a plant that lives for more than two years! It is important to cut these back to allow them to grow further and to tidy them up.

This can be a tiresome job, especially if you have a lot, but proves beneficial in the end!


3. Grass cutting and Lawn Maintenance

Now the grass is starting to grow again you need to dust off your strimmer and lawnmower and get them back into use! Aim to cut your grass once a week to ensure continuous growth and keep it healthy! Think about how much strimming and lawn mowing there is to do at The Torridon! If you have any excess moss growing around the garden get an old trowel and scrape it off, throwing the excess into the compost, this will immediately make your garden appear tidier!

4. Keep on top of weeding

Try and manually remove weeds if you can rather than using weed killer. This again can be quite tedious but the hard work will pay off! Removing weeds allows for other shrubberies to grow through and gives your garden an extra facelift!

5. Plan ahead for the Summer

Get your notebook and write down how you want your garden to look by summer. Then, write a ten-step process of how you’re going to achieve that! This gives you a clear outline of the timing and process of how to do it and makes having a beautiful garden a little bit of a more achievable task! We have already started planning our planning for the summer, we can’t wait to see how it all turns out!


I hope these tips will do you well and I look forward to welcoming you back to the Kitchen Garden very soon!



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