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As 2017 begins, we are all busy making our ‘to-do’ lists and bucket lists of things we want to do and places we want to see in the New Year, and ‘Rough Guides’, has done just that! They have listed … More

After featuring in The Daily Mail’s list of “The UK’s Best Boozy Getaways”, we thought we would give you a rundown of our infamous Torridon Bar and all it holds. Have a look at the article and the beautiful picture … More

We have recently been featured in The Telegraph with amazing ratings and reviews for a stay with us at The Torridon. We gained an excellent 9/10 for dining in our “seriously impressive” 1887 Restaurant with credit to David, our head … More

Open House NYC is NBC New York’s guide to stylish living and this week the series treated its viewers to a taste of The Torridon. maintaining its old world luxury while providing every conceivable amenity for its guests to enjoy…One … More

The winter is just as beautiful, if not more, as the summer months are at The Torridon. With white blankets of snow covering the mountaintops and crispy frost across the green grass. Our activities don’t stop just because the weather … More

Boys Eat Scotland is a blog but the title sounds as much an exhortation as a travel site and as big fans of Scotland’s food, we thoroughly endorse the suggestion. With bib untucked and keyboard unfurled, it enthusiastically grazes its … More

Where is the best mountain biking in Scotland? The Torridon hills according to Danny MacAskill and he should know. The 28 year old from Skye is famous for his spectacular two-wheeled antics around Britain. Few people ever attempt the sort … More

As we head into the winter months, The Torridon goes from being a colourful, summery retreat, to a wonderfully white picturesque heaven. In most cases, the end of summer means the end of the outdoor fun. However, at The Torridon, … More

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